Fire Fighters are first on the scene to help. Chicago Board Up is there after to secure and protect.

Fire Fighters are first on the scene to help. Chicago Board Up is there after to secure and protect.

Chicago Board Up is Chicago and Illinois’ leader in emergency Board Up service! Our rapid response system quickly provides fire victims with a full range of emergency fire victim assistance to put them in the best position for a smooth recovery. This fast acting emergency assistance helps protect fire victims against needless losses, as well as predatory solicitors.
Call Chicago Board Up , and we’ll be there in one hour!
An emergency home Board Up is crucial to the well-being of victims of fire or disaster:
• Immediately Secure The Area: Chicago Board Up is known for our reliability, quick action & the special care we give to victims of fire or disaster. It’s this fast, professional board up service that has proven to be the best protection to the fire victim against predatory solicitors that inevitably swarm the fire scene.
• Protect Victims From Liability: Once firefighters leave the fire scene, the “Bicycle Brigade” inevitably arrives…kids, exploring through the rubble of the home. The courts call this an “Attractive Nuisance”. It happens nearly every time & means instant premises liability issues for the fire victim & dangerous conditions for local children. Many Fire Chiefs have already made it their policy: Don’t leave the scene before it’s been secured! Call Chicago Board Up , and we’ll be there in one hour to protect the victim & their family!
• Protect The Home From Further Damage: Exposing the fire victim’s home to the elements only increases repair costs & lengthens the time it takes to restore the victims’ lives back to normal. This is a common problem for fire victims, but they simply don’t know what to do. Protect the victim & their family with the most trusted emergency Board Up service in the nation with Chicago Board Up . Just call us, and we’ll be there in one hour!
Thankfully, firefighters are often the first to provide care for fire victims at the fire scene. Eventually though, even firefighters must leave the victim to make decisions that could ultimately mean the difference between a smooth recovery…or a drawn-out catastrophe! Get the help that you need. Get the trusted service known by firefighters in Chicago and the surrounding areas with Chicago Board Up. Just call us at 1-773-338-2500 and we’ll be there in one hour!

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